Founded in 2007, Training Solutions Scotland is one of the most trusted training providers in Scotland.


Training Solutions (Scotland) Ltd was formed and incorporated as a limited company, registered in Scotland, in 2007 and started trading on the 2nd June 2008.

Training Solutions (Scotland) is based in Dundee but currently delivers the Awards over many different geographical areas and has experienced assessors based in different locations to allow the organisation to meet employer demand.

Each trainee is allocated their own individual assessor who will offer support to guide them through the qualification. Trainees are given face-to-face visits in the workplace on a regular basis, this is agreed upon between the setting, trainee and assessor based on the support the trainee requires. All assessors provide trainees and the setting with an email address and contact number which allows for additional support to be given in between visits.



The Team



Tanya Small


Michelle Wallace


Catriona MacLeod


Stephanie Carnegie


At the heart of Training Solutions (Scotland) it is our mission to deliver a superior level of Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s) which equip learners to thrive in their workplace. We aim to be innovative and hope to embed a culture where each individual leaner is treated equally, fairly and our programme is adapted to best suit the learners needs.


Our vision is a strong but simple statement which sees us aim to fill the gaps in training,’ We aim to offer a wide range of dynamic services which meets employer, learners and sector demand.


  • Innovative- passionate about introducing new ideas to meet demands

  • Equality and diversity- we respect everyone’s individuality and adapt practice where required.

  • Supportive- each learner is allocated a supportive assessor who will guide them through their learning

  • Quality- we thrive for excellence through continuous organizational/individual development